Big Dreamz Inc.

"Dream, Imagine, and Believe in your Future"


Here at Big Dreamz Inc we offer 2 Programs to support our mission, vision, and goal


We offer one on one mentorship, in which we match the mentees with a mentor for a 10 month period.  This is a very intense process to ensure that we are matching them with a mentor to meet their needs . Mentors and mentee's are required to sign a contract, goal setting sheet, and log all times of meetings.There are many ways to mentor such as but not limited to, face to face, email, text message, and more. Mentee's enrolled in the mentoring program will also participate in community service and receive credit for the hours of participation. Participants  will also be able to attend college tours along with other fun and cultural outings. The fee for this program is $25 which includes a tee shirt, a certificate, and more.

She is Me Lunch Buddy

This  program is in partnership with CMS and DC Public Schools. This will be a one on one mentorship, thru each child’s lunch period at the assigned school through CMS and DC Public Schools . Each mentor will be required to meet with their mentee at least  2 lunch periods per month. Mentors and mentee's are required to make a goal setting sheet and log all times of meetings.

B.E.L.L.A-  Building young Entrepreneurs Leadership Academy- COMING SOON!

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