Big Dreamz Inc.

"Dream, Imagine, and Believe in your Future"

Big Dreamz Inc. 2017-2018 Board

Do you have a passion to give back to teen girls and the community? Do you have the desire to be apart of an organization that focuses on Leadership, Mentoring, and Service? Be a part of Big Dreamz Inc. whose mission is to EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE teens to set goals by providing them with the resources to make their dreams become reality! If you have a passion and desire to serve teen girls in your community submit your application below to become a Board Member with our organization.

Why should you become a Board Member?

1. Constant communication - Each week you will receive weekly updates to keep in informed on what's going on with the program

 2. Open forum - We welcome everyone's input on how we can make the program better.

 3. Professionalism - We all respect and listen to each other's opinions and you are able to network

4. Implementation - We listen and do what is best for the girls that are a part of the program. Always looking for ways to make us stand out.
5. Board consideration when it comes to immediate decisions and changes - YOUR THOUGHTS DO MATTER!!!
6. Honest from all members and the Director - THERE IS NO I IN TEAM!!
7. Direct interaction with the mentors and mentees, which allows us as board members to receive positive feedback and any concerns they may have - We are working together to empower, encourage and inspire the youth.

Click on the link below to apply!

If you have any questions contact our founder LaRosha Paul via email at [email protected]