Big Dreamz Inc.

"Dream, Imagine, and Believe in your Future"


To Empower, Encourage, and Inspire girls ages 9-18 to dream big enough, to believe in their dreams and provide them with the resources to make them reality.


To create an environment where youth can learn and grow by:

► Empower young girls and teenagers to become leaders

► Helping them to gain more confidence

► Encouraging them to reach theirs goals

►Engaging them in community service and character building workshops

Our Goal

Big Dreamz Inc.'s goal is to give female youth tools and fundamentals to develop into healthy, positive, and successful individuals. Big Dreamz Inc.'s founder believes that by eliminating excuses, we will be able to foster and promote better development of students in areas such as: Education, Personal/Professional skill building and College/Career Preparation. All of these aspects of development will build tomorrow's leaders to where they can make an impact within the community.

** We are a diverse program and do not discriminate against any age, race, creed or color.**